Objectives of Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is one of the great tools to stabilize the economic systems. It contains the following objectives: (i)   Price constancy: The most important objective of monetary policy is to establish internal price stability. Stable price does not means that the average of prices on the general price level should not be allowed to fluctuate […]

Concept of Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is one of the successful macro-economic policies. It has important role for in general economic management and growth. Monetary policy is the work out of the central bank to control over the money supply as a tool for achieving the objectives of universal economic policy. Monetary policies attempt to make different types of […]

Characteristics of Trade cycle

The term ‘trade cycle’ is used by economists to designate a periodic increase and decrease in an economy’s production and employment. Economists study business cycles because they have a significant impact on all aspects of an economy. The occurring of different types of changes in the economy is known as trade cycle. Regular changes in […]