Limitation of microeconomics

  Microeconomics is most important branch of economics. It is also known by foundation for whole economic analysis. It describes about the individual behavior of society and firm. According to William Flenar,”Micro economics is related to the individual decision making units.” It tells us how price and output level of any commodity is determined? How […]

Micro Static

  Demand and supply are two principal variables that determine the equilibrium level for market. The quantity demanded of a good at a time is generally considered to be related to the price of that particular time. Same way supply is also related to price at particular static time. Thus microeconomics tries to find out […]

Types Of Micro Economics

  The analysis of microeconomics is always affected by time period. But there are still some economists who do not believe the time value in microeconomics analysis. Based upon the equilibrium of microeconomics in the different situation and relationship between time and different economic models, the microeconomics is divided into three different types, namely Microsatics, […]