Economics of Traffic Congestion of Kathmandu Valley

This research paper provides the calculation of estimated economic costs of traffic congestion in the Kathmandu valley. This research paper based on the various literatures. The focus of this research to examine traffic congestion cost related with economic road passenger, transportation, depreciation, corban emission and excess fuel. Beside these the economic health position and indirect […]

If Businessman move out from China then what will be next country?

In 2019 China exported a whopping $2.5 trillion worth of goods. It took an economy of $14.4 trillion and 220 million workers to be able to produce so many goods (note China’s total workforce is around 807 million people). Now look at the table below of the top 10 economies of the world. Only the […]

Criticism of Cardinal Utility Analysis  

Criticism of Cardinal Utility Analysis   The chief points of criticism, which are generally pointed out against the utility analysis approach, are the following: – Cardinal measurement of utility is not possible. It is pointed out that the utility analysis is based on the Cardinal Number system and not on the ordinal number system. According to […]

Factors Influencing the Demand Curve

              Apart from its own place, there are other several factors that determine the nature of the demand curve for a good. We briefly discuss those. 1)   Price of close substitutes and complements: Given other things, if the price of a substitute falls, then the consumer will shift his preference in favor of the […]